About Me

David, owner of Fitness Reviews

My name is David and I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for five years. I have been reviewing all different types of products online, but I’ve recently had a knack for reviewing fitness programs. I am a fitness nut myself, and run 4 miles every other day to stay in shape. I hit the gym twice a week to do anaerobic training to help sculpt my guns (haha).

Once I realized that obesity, and lack of fitness is a huge problem in the United States as well as the rest of the world, I decided to start up this website. Since I have literally reviewed hundreds of fitness products, I thought I would pick my favorite programs based on a few things. I picked my favorite fitness programs based on whether or not they have positive feedback from users of the program, and the results users were able to achieve.

I believe a fitness program should be rated completely on whether it works for the majority of people or not. A fitness program could be put together very nicely with tons of videos, and calorie counting information, but if people don’t see results with it, then it sucks. So the number one thing that I base my review off of is whether or not users are seeing results from them.

Investigating Fitness Program Scams

There are also a lot of scams out there in the health marketplace. Many companies use deceptive marketing practices to sell their products, and lie about the performance or results that the product has achieved.

When I first review a product I find out whether the company selling the product or the product itself is an obvious scam. Then I analyze whether or not the company uses deceptive marketing practices. Next I investigate whether or not the product lives up to its claims. I also dig deep to find out if all of the parts of the program are safe, or if they have dangerous side affects. Next I read what others have said about the product on health blogs and forums. Once I have done all of my research I compile my official review, and publish it as a blog post on this website.

There is no way that I can find out literally everything about a fitness program, but I try my best to give you a real, honest overview of what the product can deliver. I have listed my all time favorite fitness programs on the Recommendations page. These are proven fitness programs which have worked for people in the past, and are trusted solutions in the marketplace.