Best Core Exercises

by David Zerbs

A person should realize that the core is made up of 29 different muscles, and it makes up the lumbo-pelvic hip complex. Abs, back and pelvic muscles are included in the core. A person who has a strong core is able to do everyday tasks much easier, as well as other physical activities. A lot of people wonder what are the best core exercises. A person usually trains the core in order to get a flat stomach or a six pack.

The exercises below are all exercises that are designed to help get a very strong core and are some of the best core exercises. These core exercises will also help one develop proper posture, as well as help them feel better about themselves. If you want to get a six pack, flat stomach, and get a stronger core, then you should do some of these exercises on a daily basis.

Bridge Pose

One of the best core exercises that a person can do is the bridge pose. A person starts off by keeping their back flat on the floor. They want to keep their knees bent and try to bring their feet close to their butt. They want to be able to touch their heels. The person will then want to lift their legs as high as they can get them. As they are lifting their legs they will want to bring their core towards their spine while contracting their glutes. In order to get added support a person should interlace their fingers and place their forearms firmly on the floor. The back should not be arched at all once in the bridge position. The bridge pose is one of the best core exercises that a person can do for their core. This particular exercise helps strengthens the core quickly.


The plank is another core exercise that people do when they want to strengthen their core. This exercise is also a yoga pose. A person who does this core exercise will be able to develop their core to its fullest potential. You will want to lay on the floor, flat with your stomach pointed toward the ground. Keep your elbows and forearms on the floor too. The elbows should placed in a way that the shoulders line up with them. Then lift your chest, stomach and hips off of the floor. Their body should be parallel to the floor. The only parts of the body that should still be on the floor are the balls of your feet and your forearms. The core muscles should be flexed when they are in the plank position. Your back should never be arched.

Side Plank

The side plank is almost like the regular plank pose but is performed a bit differently. A person will want to get on all fours and make sure that their shoulders are directly above their wrists. The person will then want to use the balls of their right foot to turn themselves to the left side. They will want to form a straight line with their body. Once they are in the position they will want to hold it and draw their core while contracting their glutes. They will then do the same thing for their other side. This is one of the best core exercises that a person can do for their core.

Leg raises are great for the core too. A person can do this exercise with both legs or just one leg. They will want to lay down flat on the floor and then extend their legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. They will then want to slowly lower their legs. They do not want to let their legs touch the floor. They can repeat the exercise around 15 times. This exercise works the entire core and when done a person can expect to see some great results in their core.

One should perform all of these core exercises at least three days a week. However, a person can achieve great results if they do all of these exercises six or seven days a week. If they do this, then they can start to see some great results in a short amount of time.


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