Bones To Buff Review

by David Zerbs

This is our Bones To Buff review. Joey Vaillancourt is the creator of Bones To Buff, and is a former skinny guy. He changed his life by seeking and finding the answers to build a solid, working system to build himself into a buff, toned man.

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Five years later he has become a certified personal trainer, and is in the best shape of his life. He has recently released this fitness program known as Bones To Buff. Inside the program Joey reveals the anabolic growth triggers that are designed to increase muscle mass and growth. He also shows you specific foods which build muscle mass. It guarantees that you will gain at least ten pounds of muscle in five weeks.

What You Get With Bones To Buff

• Bones To Buff Main Program Manual
• 5 Week Nutrition Plan
• 5 Week Anabolic Growth Triggering Workout Program
• 5 Week Metabolic Cardio and Abs Shredder Workouts
• 5 Week Roadmap To Muscle Gain
• Underground Bones To Buff Weekly Coaching Videos

Bones To Buff Main Program Manual: This manual discusses the science behind how the Bones To Buff program works. It also goes over the design behind the nutrition and workout plans. It will teach you how to calculate the amount of calories you need and the nutrient ratios to keep in mind. The main guide will also show you how to stay motivated as well as teach you about the metabolic adaptation response. This main guide really gets into the reasons why this program works, and does a good job explaining everything in detail.

5 Week Nutrition Plan: The nutrition plan in the course lays out daily meal plans telling you what to eat, and when to eat it throughout the day. It will also show you the quantity of food you should eat based on your body factors. It will give you a grocery list of things you need to buy to stick to the 5 week meal plan. It also offers replacements for meals for days that you are busy. All of the foods you will need to buy can be bought at your local supermarket. The meal plans are designed for the intervals of 2,000, 2,300, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, and 5,000 calories.

Joey Vaillancourt, creator of Bones To Buff

5 Week Anabolic Growth Triggering Workout Program: This is the part where Joey shows you how to do all of the exercises. The workout book is printer friendly so that you can print out the book to track your progress. You might also want to take this to the gym to keep track of your workouts. There is also a calendar to keep track of your workouts with, as well as a library of videos demonstrating each exercise in the course. The three five week workout cycle plans are includes as well. These are the phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3 plans. And finally, the last thing included in this section of the program is the home gym substitution.

5 Week Metabolic Cardio and Abs Shredder Workouts: These workouts are designed to promote muscle growth even though they are cardio workouts. They take minimal time to complete, and are specifically designed to enhance your recovery time, as well as trigger muscle growth hormones. This section includes the best exercises to tone your core and give you rock hard abs. There are tracker sheets included in this section as well to help record your abdominal workouts.

5 Week Roadmap To Muscle Gain: This plan removes the guesswork from what you need to do in the next five weeks. It will show you what to do in preparation for the next week. It will also provide you with cliff notes that are condensed so that you can have a summary of the program with you 24/7. This section also has goal tracker sheets to help you stay motivated toward your goals.

Underground Bones To Buff Weekly Coaching Videos: The coaching videos are a bonus that was added to Bones To Buff. Every week, he selects a client question, and gives a detailed video response to the question. He answers questions with a video and answers the question with the fullest response he can possibly deliver. Every month the videos will be put together so that you can download them.


Overall, Bones To Buff is a very extensive workout program. It contains a ton of information about muscle building, gaining weight in the form of muscle, and just getting bigger. I recommend this course to skinny guys that want to pack on pounds of muscle to make their bodies look more attractive. The course is guaranteed to have you put on ten pounds of muscle in five weeks, and thousands of people have already seen success with the program, so it’s definitely worth a try.

How To Get Bones To Buff

If you made the decision to go ahead and buy Bones To Buff, here’s how you will go about purchasing the program. Simply follow the link directly underneath this paragraph to be taken to the official sales page. From here, all you have to do is scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see the bright yellow ‘Add To Cart’ button. Click the button, and you will be sent to the secure online order form. Your purchase will be processed through Clickbank, so you know your payment information is completely safe. If you use the link below you will receive the lowest current price.

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