Combat The Fat Review

by David Zerbs

This is our Combat The Fat review. Jeff Anderson is the creator of Combat the fat, and is also a ten year veteran of the armed forces. In addition to that he is also a fitness consultant and trainer, and is known as the “Muscle Nerd”.

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Jeff reveals a lot of different fat loss tricks and techniques that the United States Military uses to get its soldiers fit. The Combat The Fat system is made up of 3, lengthy, e-books that you can download right after your purchase.

What You Get With Combat The Fat

• Combat The Fat “Military Fat Loss” Manual
• Workout Guide
• Nutrition Program
• 90+ Minute Bonus Audio

Combat The Fat “Military Fat Loss” Manual: This is the main manual of the program that will teach you why a lot of weight loss programs simply don’t work, and don’t keep you healthy during them. It will also show you how to ignite your motivation so you will always feel like working out.

Workout Guide: This exercise manual will show you what workouts you need to do, which will take up 45 minutes per day, 3 days a week. This is the ‘crash course’ that gets into the military’s most effective exercises. It also teaches you how you can build your body into that of a soldier without using gym equipment or having a gym membership. You can do all the exercises in your own home. The workout guide also works buy burning fat both during and after your workouts so you can continue to burn fat after you’re done exercising.

Nutrition Program: The nutrition program in Combat The Fat is very straightforward, and shows you a simpler method than counting calories to help your body burn more fat. In this guide Jeff also goes over some supplements that actually work to help you burn fat that you can choose to use if you want. There is also a daily eating plan included in the guide.


Combat The Fat takes a very strict and military approach to burning body fat and getting into shape. It is easy and fun to read and shows you how you can win your war against unhealthy body fat. Being a real military fitness trainer, Jeff easily teaches you how you can lose weight quickly, and takes you by the hand every step of the way.

Combat The Fat is a 12 week program. The workouts are designed to be completed 3 days a week for 45 minutes per day. If you don’t have a lot of time to workout, then this fitness program is ideal. In conclusion, this is a solid fitness program and is a proven way to burn body fat and get into shape.

How To Get Combat The Fat

To order Combat The Fat, all you have to do is follow the link underneath this paragraph which will direct you to the official site. Once you reach the site, go to the bottom and click either the men’s button or the women’s button. This will take you to the appropriate program for your gender. After the page has fully loaded, scroll all the way down until you see the ‘ORDER NOW!’ button. Click this, and you will be taken to the secure order form. Your order will be processed through Clickbank so you know your credit card information is completely safe. Be sure to use the link below to get to the Combat The Fat official site, to lock in the lowest online price.

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Important: Don’t get scammed by bogus sites! Use our link to the official website.


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