Fat Burning Kitchen Review

by David Zerbs

This is our complete Fat Burning Kitchen review. Fat Burning Kitchen is a nutrition guide created by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling, who is a nutrition expert. The subheading to this guide is ‘Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine. It is a nutritional guide, helping dispel current myths about dieting and nutrition to help you be on your way to a healthier, leaner body.

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The guide is based around the fact that the fitness and nutrition marketplace is filled with loads of misinformation and myths. Since the general public often falls pretty to many myths about nutrition, this guide hopes to clear everything up. It was recently re-launched by the original authors, and updated to make the guide more current and accurate. More bonus material was also added to the program as well.

Authors Of The Fat Burning Kitchen

Mike Geary: Mike has been involved in the fitness industry for years, and is the creator of the most popular abdominal exercise program on the Internet, known as The Truth About Abs. He is a certified nutrition specialist, who earned a Bachelors of Science degree for Susquehanna University, located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. He is also a certified personal trainer who specializes in strategies to reduce body fat, as well as power training and functional strength building.

In addition to everything I mentioned above, Mike is also a Platinum Expert Fitness Author on EzineArticles.com. He has published hundreds of fitness articles that have been posted on thousands of fitness websites across the Internet. He was also a contributing author in the popular Muscle & Fitness Magazine as well as Oxygen.

He is also the writer for his own online fitness newsletter called Lean Body Fitness Secrets. This newsletter has over 320,000 subscribers located in over 150 different countries all over the world.

Catherine Ebeling: Catherine is a very fit mother of three teens. After studying at Ball State University in Indiana, she received her Bachelors Degree in Marketing. She also went on to receive a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (RN BSN) while studying at St. Louis University, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

She is a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. The past 25 years of her life have been dedicated to studying nutrition, food allergies, and weight loss. She discovered that she was allergic to gluten, which motivated her to dive deeper into her research on nutrition and vitamin deficiencies. She made it her life’s work to understand weight loss, and health issues.

When Catherine isn’t learning about fitness, and helping others stay healthy and in shape, she is a competitive cyclist. She puts over 200 miles on her road bike per week. She took part in the RAGBRAI, which is an organized bike ride across Iowa touring 500 miles in exactly a week. She resides outside of St. Louis with her three teenage children.

Fat Burning Kitchen – What’s Inside The E-book

In the first couple pages of Fat Burning Kitchen, you will find out how to stop counting calories, and eliminate cravings for certain foods. It will teach you how to control your appetite, instead of letting your appetite control you. The e-book goes on to teach you about polyunsaturated fats (including omega-6′s and omega-3′s). It reveals what they believe most food companies aren’t telling you.

The book also reveals important points about whole grain foods. Whole grains have been taking a lot of flak lately because they have been shown to pack on more body fat than other breads. Whole grain crackers, cereals, and breads can pack on lots of body fat, and you will see why on page 9 of Fat Burning Kitchen. You will also find out why soy milk, tofu, and veggie burgers can add inches to your waistline.

There is a ton of new information in this e-book which is very up to date. This is one of the main reasons I recommend getting a copy of Fat Burning Kitchen. It is currently the most up to date nutrition guide, which contains information based on studies which have recently been done. It clears up all of the myths and hype around certain foods out there and lays out the facts right in front of your face. The guide is very truthful, and isn’t misleading or confusing at all.

6 Part Fat-Burning Nutrition Video Course

This is a bonus included with the Fat Burning Kitchen consisting of 6 video tutorials. In the videos, is nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. These videos clarify what food choices are bad, how you can stop cravings, and tips on saving time which can be used to eat healthier, without having to spend hours preparing meals.

There is also a section where Isabel goes through some examples of junk food labels which try to convince you that their foods are ‘healthy’. This will help you make healthier choices when you are shopping at the grocery store. If you were to buy this video series separately, it would cost $179.00, but since it is included with Fat Burning Kitchen, you are getting it free as a bonus.

Advanced Nutritional Fat Burning Blueprint Bonus Section

Mike Geary has also added this new section to the guide where he teaches us how he went from 10.2% body fat to 6.9% body fat in 23 days. He considered himself already fairly lean when he decided to get rid of his extra stubborn fat. But he decided it was time to put his advanced fat loss techniques to the test, so he used them over the course of just over three weeks. In this bonus section he lays out everything he ate, carb/protein/fat ratios, meal timing, and the timing of his workouts that he used into maximize how much fat he burned. He also shows us the workouts that are used to maintain the fat loss after he was able to bring his body fat percentage down to 6.9%.

Overall, I believe Fat Burning Kitchen is a great nutrition guide. I suggest getting yourself a copy of the e-book and reading the guide cover to cover, because you will learn a lot. This book will help you make informed choices about what to eat every day. It will show you what foods you are eating now that are packing on unnecessary extra pounds. The guide was written by two of the top people in the fitness and health industry, so the guide definitely has credibility.

How To Get Fat Burning Kitchen

Use the link I have provided right below this paragraph to get to the official Fat Burning Kitchen sales page. To get your own copy of the e-book along with all the bonus materials, scroll down the sales page, until you see the ‘Add To Cart’ button. Click this, and you will be taken to the secure Clickbank order form. Since your order is processed through Clickbank, you know your payment information is safe and secure. You can also choose to get both the Fat Burning Kitchen e-book and the Truth About Abs program in one packaged deal. If you prefer to purchase both programs, you can scroll down the page even further until you see option 2, where you will see the ‘Add To Cart’ button for both of the programs combined. Make sure you use the link below to get the lowest current online price.

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