Firm And Flatten Your Abs Review

by David Zerbs

This is our Firm And Flatten Your Abs review. Firm And Flatten You Abs is an e-book written by David Grisaffi. It is basically an encyclopedia of abdominal training. Since diet and nutrition plays a very large role in total body fat loss, David has included a lot of diet information along with the abdominal training exercises.

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Firm And Flatten Your Abs doesn’t have you do sit-ups, and it doesn’t advise you to try fat burning pills. Rather, it is a natural program that teaches you how to train and target every muscle in your core to build flat strong abs.

The main e-book is 180 pages. The introduction talks about the 15 biggest abdominal myths. Once you read through the introduction and learn about abdominal myths and theory, you will evaluate your current fitness state. The specific workout that you will follow is based on your current level of fitness. You will take a few evaluation tests, and then put together your workout plan.

Chapter 5 and chapter 6 of Firm And Flatten Your Abs shows you over 50 photos of core and abdominal exercises. The program focuses on exercising your entire trunk musculature rather than strictly your core. The reason for this is that it will help you avoid feeling lower back pain, and will help you stabilize your spine. Chapter 7 of the e-book goes over the top 15 nutrition secrets to getting flatter abs.

This abdominal guide was created for beginners, those who are overweight, as well as athletes. Most of the exercises shown in the e-book can be completed in your home without special equipment.


Firm And Flatten Your Abs Negatives

The e-book is very comprehensive, being 180 pages long, but it is almost too much. After reading through the e-book I felt overwhelmed. I also would have expected more tips about cardio, since cardio is very important to burning body fat, and specifically belly fat. It really takes a solid nutrition plan, paired with good cardio, and proven abdominal workouts to really achieve a nice six pack.

Firm And Flatten Your Abs Conclusion

Overall, the e-book is a very comprehensive abdominal exercise system. If you suffer from back pain, but still want to get six pack abs, then I would recommend this e-book. The core exercises were designed to help stabilize your spine, which is often the reason for back problems and pain.

But if you don’t suffer from back problems, I honestly think that The Truth About Abs is a better program than Firm And Flatten Your Abs. This is the top selling abdominal system sold on the Internet, and was written by one of the most respected fitness experts in the world. I believe the cardio and diet information in The Truth About Abs is superior to Firm And Flatten Your Abs.

How To Get Firm And Flatten Your Abs

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