Get In Shape By Jumping Rope

by David Zerbs

It is possible to get in shape by jumping rope and burn off 10 calories per minute while toning up every inch of your body. By combining jumping rope with strength training exercises, you can burn off more than 200 calories in just 20 minutes.

For this fat melting exercise, all you need is a skipping rope and a stop-watch or clock with a second hand so that you can time your intervals.

Procedure To Follow

Step #1: Jump for two minutes with a jumping rope.
Step #2: Follow one set of strengthening exercise as shown.
Step #3: Jump again for two minutes with a jumping rope.

Combine skipping with exercising and change quickly between rope and strengthening exercises. Follow this routine at least three times in a week or every other day. By alternating jumping and exercising you can shed your weight extraordinarily fast.

Find The Right Rope

If you are shorter than 5 ft. 7″, you must use an 8-foot skipping rope and between 5 ft. 7″ to 6 ft., you must use a 9-foot length and if you are above 6 ft. tall, use a 10-foot length rope. In order to check, if your rope is fitting, just step on the center of your skipping rope with both feet and see that the handles of rope reach your armpits.

Useful hint: See that when you skip, your rope just glides on the floor swiftly.

Correct Posture And Form

You must pay close attention to your form and posture. Your arms must always be bent with your elbows up to your waist level while keeping them close to your body. Flick your wrist in small circular movements rather than swinging your arms in wide circles. You must focus your eyes forward and not on the ground. You must jump only 1″ above the ground, just high enough to allow your rope to pass under your feet and glide on the surface of the floor. Land on the balls of your feet but keep your knees bent for a soft landing.

Find The Right Fit

Many people take little hops between jumps, but for best results avoid these as this will ruin your rhythm and have negative impact on your ankle and knee joints. For smooth and efficient skipping spin the rope faster (approximately 80 skips in one minute) so that you take only one jump per turn.

Cushion Your Blows

Skipping has only half the impact of jogging but to be on the safer side and as a preventive measure you must wear cross-trainers with extra ankle support. Place padding under the balls of your feet for shock absorption. For best results, you must cushion your blows by jumping on surfaces like grass, thin mats, spring floors, non-shag carpets, etc..

Exercise #1 – Heel Click

You must stand with your feet apart with toes out. Now fold your rope in quarters and hold each end. Raise your arms overhead so that your elbows are in line with your ears. Now squat till your thighs are parallel to the ground and then spring up while bringing your arms towards your thighs. Now jump and brings your heels together. Do this exercise at least 8-10 times and then follow this with two minutes of skipping.

This will help to work on your legs, shoulders, and butt.

Exercise #2 – Power Twist

Keep your right foot forward and take a lunge position. Now fold your rope in quarters and hold one end in each hand and raise your arms to your chest level. While maintaining your lunge position, twist your torso toward the right. Hold this position for one second and then switch back to center. Do these kinds of twists 8-10 times toward the right and then switch over to your left leg and perform these twists on left. Skip again for two minutes.

This exercise will work on your legs, abs and butt.

Exercise #3 – Leap Frog

Stand with your feet wide apart. Now fold the rope in quarters and hold one end of rope in each hand with palms positioning upwards. Next, squat till your thighs are parallel to the ground, holding your rope in front of your knees. Now, straighten your legs and stand up while bending your elbows and curling the rope towards your chest. Repeat this 8-10 times and then follow this with skipping for two minutes.

This is best workout for legs, shoulders, arms and butt.

Exercise #4 – Pick-up Lunge

Keep folded rope on ground just outside your right foot. Stand with feet apart. Now balance on right foot with your left leg raised behind you. Bend your right knee while keeping your left hand on your hip. Lean forward and pick up the rope with your right hand. Return back to a standing position and keep the rope in the same position. Repeat this 8-10 times. Switch your sides and repeat. Then jump rope for two minutes.

This workout is best for legs, abs and butt.

Exercise #5 – Double Hop

Lay the rope straight on the ground. Now stand at one end with knees and elbows bent at your side. Now with your bent knees, hop forward and diagonally to the other side of rope. You must land softly on the balls of your feet and then quickly jump forward on the other side of rope. Continue in this way to the end of the rope and then turn around. Repeat these hops back to the start. Do at least 8-10 reps and then do two minutes of skipping.

This helps to tone your legs and butt.

In order to increase your metabolism and speed up your toning it is recommended that you join a fitness class.


I'm a fitness enthusiast from New York. I have been writing reviews of fitness and diet programs for over two years. If you have questions about anything I have reviewed, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

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