How To Gain Lean Muscle

by David Zerbs

If you are trying to gain lean muscle mass, how much you gain is going to depend on both your diet, and your workouts. If you play sports, than your diet should vary from someone who doesn’t. Athletes diets should generally consist of 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat, and 20% proteins. While non-athletes should eat about 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 25% fat.

Here are the guidelines you are going to want to stick with if you are trying to gain lean muscle.

• Stick to eating foods that are dense in nutrients. You want to keep processed food and junk food out of your diet. Your body is bad at using the calories in processed and junk food optimally. This is because they are usually low in vitamins and minerals. Instead stick to fresh foods.

• You will want to eat at the most ever 3 to 4 hours so that your insulin levels are maintained. This will also aid in your neural and physical recovery and help you gain lean muscle.

Asian Style Italian Pasta

• Stick to eating complex carbohydrates (starchy foods). Eat foods like wear bread, pasta, whole grain cereals, potatoes and vegetables. These will provide you with energy to fuel your workouts and other activities. These foods are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients which are natural substances in plant foods that protect your health.

• The best sources to get protein from are turkey, eggs, chicken, beef, cottage cheese or tofu.

• The healthiest place to obtain fats is from avocados, nuts and fish that are from cold water. You want to stay between 50g-100g of fat each day. It’s best to avoid Kool-Aid like drinks and sodas. These contain a lot of bad carbohydrates. This can cause gastrointestinal distress and can even cause diarrhea when you are performing in sports. Instead of drinking soda, you should stick to drinking water or a sports drink. You can also decide to dilute the sports drink if it is to sweet.

• Keep the basic food groups in mind when you eat throughout the day. This is the best all around way to get all the nutrients you need.

• Make sure you get enough fiber. Get at least 30 grams of fiber per day. A good source of fiber is breakfast cereal, fruits vegetables, and grains.

• Try to stay away from high-fructose corn syrup, and things with excessive amounts of sugar in them, even when you are trying to pack on the pounds. Stay away from candy, sugary juices, and baked goods.

• If you don’t have time to eat a full meal, you should pack replacement shakes or bars. You can have these ready at all times if you keep them in a backpack, in your car, or in another easy to reach place.

Gain Lean Muscle Mass With The Help Of Your Diet

You need energy in order to build lean muscle. You won’t be able to build any muscle if you don’t eat more than you are eating now. You should eat around 400 calories more than it takes to maintain your weight now.

A good way to keep track of this is to keep a food journal, and weigh yourself each day or each week.

You should be gaining at least 1 pounder a week. If you aren’t then you simply aren’t eating enough calories. You should further increase your caloric intake by 200 calories. You should also increase the amount of protein you eat to 1.5-2g/kg of bodyweight.

Strength Training

According to multiple studies, when you are trying to build lean muscle, your success is going to depend on what you are doing before, during, and after your workout. The following is a good method to stick to during your workout routine when trying to gain lean muscle.

• Consume 20g whey protein, as well as 40g of carbohydrates before your workout.

• Drink beverages that contain CHO during your workout.

• Right after your workout, you should drink a protein shake that contains at least 20g of whey-casein, and between 30-50g of carbohydrates. This time is a good time to consume your simple carbohydrates.

Lean Muscle Supplements To Aid Lean Muscle Gain

Taking creatine monohydrate is best for gaining lean muscle. You will want to take in at least 20 grams a day. It is best to spread it out over the course of the day. You could consume 5 grams at 4 different times. You can choose to mix it in a protein shake, milk or juice.


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