Insanity Workout Review

by David Zerbs

This is my full Insanity Workout review. The workout program is sold through Beachbody. They teamed up with Shaun T. and created this workout program that uses “max interval training”. The program has become extremely popular and has achieved huge success in the United States and other countries around the world. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

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Beachbody – The Company

Beachbody LLC is a multinational company that sells workout videos, exercise equipment, and supplements. The company brought made over $200 million in sales in 2011. They are famous for creating some of the most effective and popular fitness programs on the market. I’m sure you’ve heard of P90X. Well, they made it.

Teaming up with Shaun T. was a great move by Beachbody, and I believe they created a great exercise program. It is a great program to follow if you are trying to build your dream body.

Shaun T.

Shaun T. (Shaun Thompson) is an American fitness trainer. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. He was raised in Camden, New Jersey. He was very active in sports as a kid, and participated in football, track, and baseball.

He went to Rowan University where he received a BS in Sports Science. He gained 50 pounds as a freshman. This sparked his initial interest in fitness.

Shaun T., creator of Insanity Workout

His career started when he became a fitness specialist and a personal trainer at Wyeth. He also was employed at a few different fitness chains. He also taught an aerobics class which was required for his Sports Science degree. He graduated from Rowan University and then decided to move to Los Angeles where he picked up work as a choreographer, trainer, and dancer. The first professional dance work came when he worked as a dancer for Mariah Carey.

He was approached by Beachbody representatives while working at Equinox Fitness. They asked him if he would submit a demo for a workout video. This is how the Insanity Workout program began.

My Personal Beliefs About The Workout

This program is not easy! It’s tough to keep up with the pace of the program, even though there aren’t many overly difficult exercises. As long as you complete the exercises with enough intensity, you’re going to achieve results.

Staying motivated is the one challenging thing. You have to motivated right off the bat. Be ready to take time out of every day in order to complete your workouts. You don’t want to get lazy and start missing days, because you will go downhill fast if you start skipping days. Once you start to get initial results, it will keep you motivated to move further in the workout.

It only takes a few days to feel like your core has been plated with an inch of steel. Some days you may not see any progress, but you fill feel it. You start to feel stronger everywhere.

The variation throughout the program will help keep you motivated as well. It’s not repetitious or monotonous. Shawn T. always mixes the workouts up.

Having a huge knowledge of physical fitness programs, and physical fitness in general, I can say that Shaun T. put a lot of thought into making the program. You shouldn’t be surprised to see yourself sweating even before the end of the warm-ups.

When the warm-ups finish the stretching begins. Then you progress through the workouts, and you stretch again at the end. The workouts can be quite intense, and will push you to your limits. But the rest days and recovery workouts are placed accordingly to help you recuperate so you can bounce back and be ready for the next day.

How The Program Is Set Up

The format of the Insanity Workout is nice. You usually are presented with a group of 12-15 people that are all led by Shaun T. in the middle of a gymnasium. Everyone appears to be quite athletic. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to keep pace with them though. Plus you will see the sweat and hard work they put in which makes you feel like you’re not the only one being put to the test from the workouts.

The program isn’t easily mastered. And it wouldn’t be a very good program if it was easily mastered.


As you know the intensity it very high. But there are a lot of rest breaks where you will be able to catch your breath. I recommend watching the DVD before you start the workout. This way you can practice some of the workouts and achieve proper form. The cardio moves can be difficult, so try to get the hang of them before jumping into the workouts.

If you are just beginning Insanity Workout it would be wise to start it on a weekend. If you work during the week this is important so that you can get a feel for how the recovery time works. After a workout, you will probably need 30-45 minutes of time just to recharge. However after about an hour passes, you will feel recharged and ready to go.

Make sure you invest in a good pair of sneakers, if you don’t have a good pair already. You will be spending a lot of time in jumping positions and on your toes. Running shoes don’t have much heel support, so you may want to do your workouts in cross-training or basketball shoes. Some of the moves might remind you of basketball or football warm-ups.

Make sure you adjust your diet accordingly to fit the program. You should control the size of portions you eat. You might start to feel guilty eating junk food as well because of the time and effort you put into the program. It is always important to have your diet match the workout program.

Be sure to hydrate though out the day. You might want to eat bananas to avoid cramps if you think you will get them.

How To Get Insanity Workout

You can get the Insanity Workout by clicking on the official link I put below. This will take you to the official sales page. Scroll down until you see the button that says ‘Yes! I Want To Take The Insanity Challenge >>>’. Click this and you will be taken to the secure Beachbody checkout page where you can enter your payment information. The program is sold through Beachbody, so you know your payment information is safe. Use the link below to receive the lowest current online price.

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