Total Six Pack Abs Review

by David Zerbs

This is our Total Six Pack Abs review. Total Six Pack Abs is a new six pack program created by Mark McManus, a 27 year old muscle and nutrition enthusiast. The methods that make up Total Six Pack Abs avoid doing hours of sit-ups, leg raises, or crunches. There is also not a ton of cardio that you will need to do for the program.

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Instead, Total Six Pack Abs works a different way. The program shows you how to flip your metabolism so your body uses its body fat as its main source of fuel and energy. Mark gives you meal plans so that your diet can be organized in a way to burn your fat for energy, while at the same time feeding your muscles.

What Comes With Total Six Pack Abs

• The Total Six Pack Abs Main Guide
• Mathematical formulas that you can use to calculate your protein, fat, and carbohydrate needs, based on the makeup of your body.
• Sample Menus
• The Muscle Building and Fat Burning Weight Training Routines
• The Top Cardio Workouts
• Audio Tracks To Guide You Through Cardio Workouts
• Grocery List
• Delicious, Fat Burning Recipes

The exercise portion of Total Six Pack Abs focuses on resistance training which encourages muscle growth, while at the same time accelerating the rate at which you burn fat. Mark also goes over what he believes are the best cardio workouts to do to help shed fat of your midsection to reveal your abs.

The complete guide is the conglomeration of ten years of research and testing in the real world. The mathematical formulas that the abs guide comes with will help you determine exactly how many calories you need per day, along with the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need based on your body composition.

The cardio workouts that are included in the program are streamlined and highly effective. They are the cardio workouts that Mark likes the most, because they work to burn fat .The audio tracks that come with Total Six Pack Abs for free will guide you through the cardio workouts in real time.


After you purchase the six pack fitness program you will get a grocery list that will eliminate the guess work when going to the grocery store. You will know exactly what to buy to provide the foods for you diet, when you go to the grocery store. You will also be given access to the specially designed meal plans that are both effective at burning fat, and tasty.

Some examples of the recipes that are included in the diet are homemade pizza, chocolate muffins, protein porridge, and protein pancakes. There are also times that are designated throughout your eating schedule where you can enjoy some off limit foods to satisfy your cravings.

Total Six Pack Abs is one of the most popular six pack programs on the Internet today, because it is a very complete program that has proven itself to thousands of people worldwide. Mark McManus is a 29 year old fitness instructor that has over 20,000 subscribers to his blog. He has also been featured as a fat loss expert and nutrition expert in Iron Man Magazine.

How To Get Total Six Pack Abs

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