Venus Factor Review

by David Zerbs

It has been quite a while since I posted a review, but the Venus Factor weight loss system has been receiving quite a lot of attention lately so I decided to do an in depth review on the system. This program was created by John Barban and is designed specifically for women. Most of his previous fitness work focused on men and helping males achieve what he calls the ‘perfect ratio’. But this time he decided to focus on the female body and what women can specifically do to lose weight and keep the pounds off.

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The program is designed for women that want to lose 10 pounds or more and keep it off. The program is backed by years of scientific research into how the female body operates. It requires you to make changes in your diet and lifestyle so that you can get thin and stay that way.

About The Creator, John Barban

John is a diet and fitness expert who has received his formal education from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He has a Masters in Human Biology and nutrition. He also did further graduate research at the University of Florida where he taught exercise physiology. He has received all of the major training certifications including the NSCA CSCS, CSEP, and ACE PT. He is also a certified kinesiologist.

He has also been active in the dietary and sports supplement industry. He has researched and developed weight loss supplements and programs for the past 8 years, and he also consults supplement companies on their formula to help them develop top notch products. He has worked with NxLabs, MuscleTech, Empowered Nutrition Products, among other brands.

John also spend 3 years as a strength and conditioning coach for the hockey team at the varsity level while studying at the University of Guelph. He has also trained with a power lifting team of which he still remains in close contact with. He often discusses theories and training exercises with them to help keep him up to date. In addition to keeping in contact with power lifters, he also stays up to date in biomechanics research, and human movement science.

How Does Venus Factor Work?

Now that you know the guy who created Venus Factor, you’re probably wondering how the system works. He developed the program while working on a female diet supplement. In the guts of the program, you will be brought back to the basics of losing weight, and he will dispel all the misinformation that is plaguing the fitness and diet industry.

Lifestyle Changes: The diet and exercise plan inside the program will help females remain dedicated to making real changes that help them lose weight.

3 Months: The program only takes 3 months to complete! If you have not reached your goal in the 12 week period, you can continue on with the program if you choose. If you have reached your goal, you can follow the maintenance routine so that you are able to stay fit.

Strong Sexy Figure: Venus Factor is designed for ladies to achieve higher fitness levels than they have ever achieved before. It will not only allow you to lose weight, but drastically change your overall figure.

Targeted: One of the cool things about the system is that is focuses on the typical problem zones for females like their waist, thighs, hips and belly.

Female Approach: Since the program is focused for women, it takes into account the fact that women’s metabolisms are different from men’s metabolisms and makes the appropriate adjustments.

This program is not one of those fitness or diet fads that make you lose unhealthy amounts of weight in a short period of time. These fads are both dangerous and unhealthy and can actually screw up your metabolism. With extreme diet or fitness routines, it is almost impossible to continue long term and keep of the pounds. It will be all for nothing if you lose the weight, just to start packing on pounds after the diet is finished. You won’t find any of these in John’s system so there is no need to worry.

What This Program Does NOT Include

No Pills Or Capsules: You will not need to supplement your diet with synthetic pills or supplements.

No Crazy Diets: There is no need to adopt a severely restrictive diet, or consume prepackaged foods.

No Super Long Exercises: You won’t have to spend hours sweating bullets in the gym on treadmills and ellipticals for Venus Factor to be effective.

No Need To Buy Equipment: The program doesn’t require you to have any type of special fitness equipment. Each exercise was created so that is can be completed either in a gym or in the comfort of your own house.

The Science Behind Venus Factor

The question everyone is asking, is how well the program works. Since there is a lot of hype around the diet and workout, it is natural to be skeptical. Here we will break down exactly how the system will help you lose weight.

Since this program is specifically designed for women, a large amount of research went into the system. One large problem that was discovered was the high levels of leptin in women makes it harder for them to lose weight.

There are a few reasons why women need to take a different approach to shedding the pounds.

High Levels Of Leptin: This is a fat burning hormone that women have a lot of. Typically they have twice as much leptin as men, but there is a catch.

High Resistance: Female resist the effects of the hormone.

Lowering Of Levels: If a woman fasts, her level of the hormone will drop drastically making it harder to burn fat.

These three discoveries have helped formulate the Metabolic Over Ride also known as MOR. This strategy that John Barban came up with that, when put into practice, boosts the levels of leptin. This works to allow a woman’s figure to respond to exercise better. It even allows for cheat days which will give you the opportunity to enjoy some of your guilty pleasure foods.

Here are some effects that are associated with the increase of leptin levels.

Speedy Decrease: Unfortunately for women, as you diet, levels of leptin will reduce twice as quick as they do in men. This is why women tend to gain weight after they have stopped dieting.

Resistance: Since women are less responsive to the hormone than men, the body produces more of it to compensate. But even with double the amount of the hormone, some women will accumulate excess flab on their buttocks, hips, and belly.

Metabolism Boost: Your metabolism will increase with leptin, and give your body the signals it requires to burn fat. Having lower levels of the hormone cause your metabolism to slow to a crawl.

It might seem great that women have more leptin, but the fact that we utilize leptin have as efficiently as men makes it even out to a push. The program helps guide your workouts and diet so that you produce as much of the hormone as you can to effectively burn fat and achieve your goal of a healthy body.

What Will You Receive When You Buy Venus Factor?

Step-By-Step Manual: The diet and exercise manual teaches women everything necessary to burn fat and develop a lean figure. The workout manual consists of a 12 week program. The workouts are short and are mainly cardio workouts that are designed to get you great results with a moderate amount of effort.

Virtual Nutritionist App:- This application was designed to allow you to calculate the amount of calories and protein you need to consume to sculpt the perfect body. This will tailor the calculated amount to your specific needs based on a variety of factors.

Advice: You will receive tons of tips which will help you achieve the figure of your dreams, and maintain it for as long as you want. You will notice these tips constantly which will build up to a very substantial knowledge about the most effective way to lose weight as a woman.

Helpful Community: People who join the program will receive access to the private, members only Venus Community. This is where you will be able to chat with other girls who are going through the program as well. Chat in the forums, or even make your own blog to track your progress.

Motivation Boost: There is a section where people post their successes. It can be a great place to get motivated and inspired so that u have what it takes to continue the program.


If you want to lose more than 10 pounds and you’re a woman, I’d personally recommend the Venus Factor for you. Even if you are just interested in learning how to eat healthier and exercise, then it’s worth it to get a copy of the program. Everything you need is included in this program, and as of writing this, it seems to be the best weight loss program available for women at this time.

How To Get The Program

You can get Venus Factor by following the official link I have included below. This will take you to the official sales page where you can watch the video that explains how the program works. After you watch the video, it will become clear how to purchase the program. When you get to the order form, you will see that the purchase is processed by Clickbank, so you can be sure your credit card or Paypal information is safe and secure. You will receive full, instant access to the program as soon as your purchase is complete. To get the lowest current price for the program, click the link below to be taken to the official Venus Factor page.

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Important: Don’t get scammed by bogus sites! Use our link to the official website.


I'm a fitness enthusiast from New York. I have been writing reviews of fitness and diet programs for over two years. If you have questions about anything I have reviewed, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

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