Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

by David Zerbs

This is our full Visual Impact Muscle Building review. The muscle building program was designed by Rusty Moore. He is the owner of other popular fitness websites, and is an expert in fat loss, increasing muscle mass, and fitness in general.

If I had to describe the program in a sentence, I would say that:

“It is a customizable program designed to help you gain targeted muscle mass in the places you need it most, while keeping a low body fat percentage to develop a fit body.”

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Visual Impact is a program designed to help you gain a respectable amount of muscle. Instead of teaching you how to become huge and bulky, it shows you how you can build a solid body without getting a overdone bodybuilder look.

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How Does Visual Impact Muscle Building Work?

The program consists of three phases over the course of 6 months.

Phase 1: This phase focuses on gaining muscle and bulking up in the right places. The workouts stick to having a high amount of reps with short rest periods. The goal of this phase is to gain the most amount of muscle as quickly as possible.

Phase 2: This phase is about defining your muscles and gaining strength while still adding on to your size. The workouts stick to a medium amount of reps, while still including short rest periods between the reps.

Phase 3: This phase is dedicated to building strength, and shedding the fat that is left on your body with specific cardiovascular workouts. The workouts include low rep counts, but longer rest periods.

Bonus Phase: After you lower your body fat percentage, you will tansfer back to higher repetition workouts. This will allow your muscles to look more aesthetically pleasing. It will make them appear fuller, and make the skin appear to have been pulled tight around them.

After you decrease the amount of fat on your body, you will have some skin, and it will look loose. If you gain muscle quickly during this period, it will tighten the skin and look more attractive.

This bonus phase is great if you are preparing for an event, or you just want to get you body to that ‘perfect’ look.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Manual

Rusty Moore, creator of Visual Impact Muscle Building

The manual that comes with the program is 15 chapters long, and contains 75 pages. The science behind the training program is written in a very understandable language.

Some of the techniques involve growing your muscles in different ways. Visual Impact teaches you about the two types of muscle growth.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: This type of muscle growth occurs when there is an increase in the amount of fluid known as sarcoplasm in muscle cells. This is the quick way to increase muscle size. But since the sarcoplasm can’t contract, it doesn’t make your muscles stronger than they were before.

Myofibrillar Hypertrophy: This is growth in the muscle fibers within the muscle. This adds less to the size of the muscle when compared with sarcoplasmic growth. But it will make your muscles stronger because the muscle fibers have the ability to contract.

It also teaches you about supplements, different rep ranges, rest periods, cumulative fatigue, and other methods of increasing muscle mass.

Visual Impact Exercise Guide

There is a full guide that comes with the program that contains full exercise descriptions complete with written descriptions as well as pictures. This guide is over 200 pages. It provides you with an index though so you can search and find whatever exercise you are looking for very quickly.

You will also be able to print out workout charts. These charts will include which exercises you will do, number of sets, number or reps, rest periods, and instructions on doing each of the phases.

Rusty Moore also includes a report backing up most of the supplements and exercises that are mentioned in the program. This report is around 30 pages and includes interviews with experts of the supplement industry.

The program starts off at a beginners level and gradually brings you up. You will learn more and more about muscle building workouts, and proper nutrition, and your program will increase accordingly.

The beginning of the manual clears up a lot of the myths in the muscle building industry. It shows you how a lot of the shortcuts that many people use will actually hurt your body in the long run.

Visual Impact also shows you every aspect of the process of building muscle. It goes in depth into the diet plans and strategies to ensure proper development. It will teach you the science behind consuming proteins and other nutrients.

The entire 227 page exercise book is clickable so that you can navigate through it on your computer without scrolling through tons of pages. This makes this part of Visual Impact very easy to view. If you want to jump to a certain exercise, you simply click on it, and you will be taken to the page which contains a description of the exercise with photos included.

Overall Visual Impact Muscle Building is a program that works. The entire program contains hundreds of training sessions created by a man with over 20 years of experience. The program has gotten extensive feedback from thousands of users around the world. Rusty has refined the program from the feedback he has received from his customers, so it is packed full of valuable knowledge about building muscle. We believe the program is more than worth the small asking price.

How To Get Visual Impact Muscle Building

You can purchase Visual Impact Muscle Building using the official link I have included directly underneath this paragraph. This link will take you to the sales page, where you are presented with all the information about the program. Simply scroll down the page until you see the ‘Add To Cart’ button. Click this, and you will be taken to the secure Clickbank order form. Clickbank is a payment processor similar to Paypal and is used to protect your payment information from the person selling the product. Click the link below to be taken to the official sales page, and get the lowest online price.

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Important: Don’t get scammed by bogus sites! Use our link to the official website.


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